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What Serial Entrepreneurs Can Teach Us About Successful Business Ideas

Serial entrepreneurs are exceptionally gifted in bringing new business ideas to market. Discover what makes them tick and how to apply their mojo to your business.

What Every Responsible Leader Needs to Know About Pink-Collar Crime

Could pink-collar crime be happening in the shadows of your business? Today’s guest says embezzlement and fraud happen everywhere there’s trust and she explains how it happens and what you need to do to keep your business safe.

Could Hiring Autonomous Workers be Smart for Your Business?

Autonomous workers. Are they the key to your business success in a post-Covid world? Are they different from remote workers? Do they help or hurt your bottom line? Explore the concept of autonomous workers from a leadership perspective and learn more.

Shrewd Invoicing Tips Every Smart Business Needs to Know About

If your business invoices aren’t being paid fast enough you might benefit from today’s invoicing tips so that you can improve your cash flow and get money rolling in sooner rather than later.

And you’re in luck, the episode show notes include a link to FREE invoicing tips check list.

How to Reduce Pressure Cooker Stress in Your Business

If you’re experiencing pressure cooker stress you’re not alone. No matter what size business you work in, the to do lists, the emails, the meetings, the demands on your time feel non-stop. But the good news is that my next guest is here to show you how you can achieve more and stress.

How to Successfully Drive the Strategy Execution Process

Business strategy execution looks easy on paper. But when you start to follow your plan and put it into action hiccups happen. Sean Ryan can help us zero in on how to smooth those speed bumps and how you can drive strategy to get results without taking detours.

How Improvisation Skills Can Make You a Better Leader

Improvisation skills in business sound counterintuitive. After all, there are strategic plans, goals, policies, procedures and other very carefully thought out activities. There doesn’t feel like much room for winging it. Yet today’s guest, Milo Shapiro, says using improvisation skills can actually make you a better business leader.

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I’ve been listening to different segments from Business Confidential Now. I’m particularly enjoying the interview with Lou Diamond. I have spent many years in operations management and coaching employees, but the network outreach and business development side is very new to me as I’ve been forming my own organization Lion Lexicon. This interview confirms the lessons I’ve learned this year and has added unique insight.

I appreciate your engaging interview style balanced with a targeted and measured approach. As a professional transcript editor, I have heard many interviewers over the years, so I definitely appreciate this (also, actually listening and not stepping on your interviewee).

Alex J. Wagner

Managing Editor, Lion Lexicon Transcription & Editing

Great quality!

This woman does a very good job to be clear and direct with her content. I came across the podcast when searching for new ones on Twitter, and was happy to see it recommended. While I work in a start-up, I wouldn’t call myself an entrepreneur, but still find the information helpful!
  • Apple Podcasts 5  1/28/2021

Excellent show.   

  • Podchaser 5   2/24/2021
Joel Block