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Common Employee Behavioral Issues in the Workplace

Behavioral issues in the workplace are more common than you think. You can’t avoid people doing stuff they shouldn’t be doing; but, with the right organizational culture you can avoid unwanted surprises.

How to Improve the Strategic Value of Workplace Violence Prevention

Nobody expects workplace violence to happen where they work. But when the extraordinary happens to ordinary people like you and me it rattles your sense of safety. As a responsible manager, it makes you wonder what if anything you could have done to prevent the unthinkable from happening where you work.

When Interviews Fail to Identify Genuine Workforce Ready Skills

The workforce ready skills necessary for new employees to hit the ground running, to anticipate problems & quickly solve them are rarely addressed in interviews

How to Crush Your Next Zoom Presentation

Zoom presentations & other forms of video enabled conference calling can feel intimidating, but these tips will help you present yourself professionally.

Three Management Leadership Traps You Need to Avoid

Do you secretly feel like the cat who finally caught the mouse and are not sure how to avoid common management leadership traps? This HR pro has helpful advice for building trust and high performance teams.

How to Create a Customer Service Culture You Can Be Proud Of

Discover the 6 step process that creates a customer service focus and establishes a customer service culture that promotes unparalleled customer loyalty.

How to Increase the Marketing Value of Your Logo Design

The marketing value of a logo design depends on distinctiveness & the ability to use it consistently. Discover the importance of color & image resolution.

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I’ve been listening to different segments from Business Confidential Now. I’m particularly enjoying the interview with Lou Diamond. I have spent many years in operations management and coaching employees, but the network outreach and business development side is very new to me as I’ve been forming my own organization Lion Lexicon. This interview confirms the lessons I’ve learned this year and has added unique insight.

I appreciate your engaging interview style balanced with a targeted and measured approach. As a professional transcript editor, I have heard many interviewers over the years, so I definitely appreciate this (also, actually listening and not stepping on your interviewee).

Alex J. Wagner

Managing Editor, Lion Lexicon Transcription & Editing