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How to Increase the Marketing Value of Your Logo Design

The marketing value of a logo design depends on distinctiveness & the ability to use it consistently. Discover the importance of color & image resolution.

How Smart Leaders Successfully Navigate Professional Growth

Professional growth is more than a list of accomplishments. Successfully moving from a contributor role into leadership requires new ways of thinking & doing.

How to Improve Your Judgment Recovery Success Rate

Judgment recovery is not as easy as asking “show me the money” after you win a lawsuit in the U.S.. Getting a judgment in a court of law gets you a piece of paper and the right to now go and collect on it. It doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily be successful AND if you’re not successful if feels like getting victimized all over again. So if you want to know how to actually recover what’s rightfully owed to you, you’re going to love today’s guest, Joe Dickerson, a domestic and international judgment enforcement expert and CEO of Financial Forensic Services, LLC.

Developmental Networking Secrets You Need to Know

Developmental networking is often viewed as kissing up or selling out. Learn why it’s not & how to do it without selling your soul.

How to Really Deal with Implicit Bias at Work

Implicit bias is an uphill battle for those laboring under its burden & for organizations trying to eliminate it. Discover how to defuse it & use it proactively

How to Guard Against a Toxic Workplace

A toxic workplace is no fun for anyone. Learn about employees and co-workers that make workplace cultures toxic and the critical steps necessary to make it a toxic free workplace

How to Grow Your Gig Jobs to be a Successful Entrepreneur

Proven tips to transform your side hustle and gig jobs into a business you can later sell from the author of Stop Hustling Gigs and Start Building a Business.

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I’ve been listening to different segments from Business Confidential Now. I’m particularly enjoying the interview with Lou Diamond. I have spent many years in operations management and coaching employees, but the network outreach and business development side is very new to me as I’ve been forming my own organization Lion Lexicon. This interview confirms the lessons I’ve learned this year and has added unique insight.

I appreciate your engaging interview style balanced with a targeted and measured approach. As a professional transcript editor, I have heard many interviewers over the years, so I definitely appreciate this (also, actually listening and not stepping on your interviewee).

Alex J. Wagner

Managing Editor, Lion Lexicon Transcription & Editing