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What You Need to Know About Sales Funnels for Digital Marketing

Sales funnels can be confusing, but they’re necessary if you want to make money while you sleep. Jason Wright shares how to crush it with sales funnels.

How to Make Managing a Remote Workforce Easier on Yourself

Managing a remote workforce is the new normal and a tremendous leadership challenge. Tom Libelt has been doing it successfully for more than 10 years. Discover what works and what doesn’t.

How to Crush It with Online Reviews

Online reviews can help your business grow. Discover what the ‘King of Reviews’ knows that you don’t about getting his remarkable success of over 2000 online reviews.

What You Need to Know About Balanced Leadership

Balanced leadership may sound wonky, but it’s necessary if you want both stability and growth in your organization. That’s why I’m excited about today’s guest, Rocco Romanella, who is going to explain what it is, why you need it, and how to make balanced leaders really work for you. 

Quick and Easy Stress Relief for Hard-Driving Leaders

Hard-driving leaders experience tremendous levels of stress that can often lead to serious health problems. After landing in the hospital with stress related diabetes and minutes away from being in a coma, Peter Alexander developed a stress-relief formula for hard-driving leaders like himself.

Hollywood Strategy Secrets for Main Street Entrepreneurs

Hollywood strategy is a more glamorous version of what every business needs to do – focus on WHERE to play and HOW to win. But a cohesive plan can often elude us. Today’s guest, E! Entertainment founder Larry Namer is a Hollywood mega entrepreneur with an amazing story whose journey gives us a peek behind the curtain into his secrets for success.

How to Conquer Common Payroll Issues

Payroll issues can feel overwhelming for any small business and especially startups. Payroll is often the biggest recurring expense. It requires pin point accuracy and mistakes can be costly. Lucky for us, Charles Read a certified public accountant and a U.S. Tax Court Practitioner will explain how to conquer the most common payroll issues

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I’ve been listening to different segments from Business Confidential Now. I’m particularly enjoying the interview with Lou Diamond. I have spent many years in operations management and coaching employees, but the network outreach and business development side is very new to me as I’ve been forming my own organization Lion Lexicon. This interview confirms the lessons I’ve learned this year and has added unique insight.

I appreciate your engaging interview style balanced with a targeted and measured approach. As a professional transcript editor, I have heard many interviewers over the years, so I definitely appreciate this (also, actually listening and not stepping on your interviewee).

Alex J. Wagner

Managing Editor, Lion Lexicon Transcription & Editing

Great quality!

This woman does a very good job to be clear and direct with her content. I came across the podcast when searching for new ones on Twitter, and was happy to see it recommended. While I work in a start-up, I wouldn’t call myself an entrepreneur, but still find the information helpful!
  • Apple Podcasts 5  1/28/2021

Excellent show.   

  • Podchaser 5   2/24/2021
Joel Block