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How to Adopt Disney’s Magical Customer Experience in Your Business

Discover the little things that create a magical customer experience and how to add it to your marketing mix for a memorable experience they’ll tell their friends about.

How Savvy Leaders Can Nurture Remarkably Resilient Teams

Resilient teams are able to adapt and even thrive during tough times.

Lisa Koss, author of Leading for Learning, shares tips for creating more resilient teams.

Simple Ways to Remarkably Reduce Racial Bias in the Workplace

Racial bias in the workplace is an open secret to those who experience it and a symptom of willful blindness to those who inflict it. It’s a serious problem.

How to Neutralize Negotiation Head Trips and Win More Often

Negotiation head trips can take you down a dark hole that can not only jeopardize deals but also your future. Clint Babcock shares how to get better outcomes.

Why Introverts at Work Are an Incredibly Valuable Asset

Are the introverts at work people who are outside your inner circle? The ones you quietly let do their work like Old Faithful? Or are they your hidden powerhouse and secret weapon?

Steve Friedman, author of In Search of Courage: An Introvert’s Story, pulls back the curtain on the myths and stereotypes surrounding introverts.

Savvy Solutions for How to Successfully Scale a Brand

Want your employees to take more responsibility for their jobs and have a greater interest in business results, performance and the growth of your company? Open book management is the answer and Chris McKittrick explains how.

How to Use More Strategic Alignment to Reliably Grow Your Business

You may need more strategic alignment in your business if you’re tired of the hit and miss growth you’ve been experiencing.

Art Johnson, author of The Art of Alignment can help.

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I’ve been listening to different segments from Business Confidential Now. I’m particularly enjoying the interview with Lou Diamond. I have spent many years in operations management and coaching employees, but the network outreach and business development side is very new to me as I’ve been forming my own organization Lion Lexicon. This interview confirms the lessons I’ve learned this year and has added unique insight.

I appreciate your engaging interview style balanced with a targeted and measured approach. As a professional transcript editor, I have heard many interviewers over the years, so I definitely appreciate this (also, actually listening and not stepping on your interviewee).

Alex J. Wagner

Managing Editor, Lion Lexicon Transcription & Editing

Aimee Bernstein

Delightful and insightful podcast with very useful practical information to deal with stress.
  • Apple Podcasts United States 6/3/2021 

So good and practical

I just listened to the episode with Jason Linett. It was fantastic. I am going to implement his “so that” straight away. Loving the guests and themes Hanna is doing.
  • Apple Podcasts 5  United States  4/4/2021
Chicken lttle

Must listen!!

You don’t just get advice with this podcast, you get actionable takeaways to help you improve your business. Awesome!!!

  • Apple Podcasts Philippines, 3/29/21
YBMikee from Philippines

Excellent show.   

  • Podchaser 5   2/24/2021
Joel Block

Great quality!

This woman does a very good job to be clear and direct with her content. I came across the podcast when searching for new ones on Twitter, and was happy to see it recommended. While I work in a start-up, I wouldn’t call myself an entrepreneur, but still find the information helpful!
  • Apple Podcasts 5  United States 1/28/2021