leadership potentialIdentifying leadership potential and developing it is critical to the growth and sustainability of any business, regardless of whether you’re a startup or a grown up business.

How do you find the sparks that can transform your company in magical ways?

Join host Hanna Hasl-Kelchner as she welcomes leadership consultant and co-author of Spark: How to Lead Yourself and Others to Greater Success, Sean Lynch.


  • Leadership myths that detract from leadership development. 
  • Why leadership potential exists at all levels of your organization. 
  • How to nurture leadership potential in your business. 
  • Why you can’t ignore leadership potential in your organization. 
  • Four ways to build leadership confidence. 
  • And much MORE.  



Sean Lynch helps CEOs, executive teams and frontline managers achieve exceptional results and lasting change in their organizations through leadership development.

Before he started developing leaders at companies like Facebook, Accenture, Marathon Oil, and the United Way as a Senior Consultant at Lead Star, Sean served in the United States Air Force as an F-16 fighter pilot, where he received intensive leadership training from the very beginning of his enlistment.

The military invests thousands of leadership training hours in every single service member because when lives are on the line, it’s crucial that each of them has the confidence, commitment and drive to see results through at all costs.

After the military, Sean became a commercial pilot. But as part of that transition to the private sector, he discovered that leadership development was mostly reserved for the upper ranks and a few high-potential employees.

With his itch of leadership development still needing to be scratched, Sean joined Lead Star. He now delivers actionable, practical, and engaging content by facilitating a team sessions, giving a keynote addresses, and conducting workshops.

Sean has also co-authored a new book called Spark: How to Lead Yourself and Others to Greater SuccessHe and his co-authors say that anyone can – and should – develop leadership capabilities to reach their potential and contribute their best. They key to becoming a Spark – or cultivating Sparks among employees – lies in developing seven leadership behaviors. 

Listen now to learn more.


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