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Are consumer buying habits mystifying at times? Join host Hanna Hasl-Kelchner as she welcomes sales strategy guru Brian Gracon, author of Meconomics® 101, who has a system for helping you identify what customers really want.


  • The three “meconomic” factors that drive consumer buying habits.Meconomics 101
  • How consumer buying habits impact your marketing, selling, and staffing decisions.
  • How to use consumer buying habits to improve marketing and sales strategies.
  • Why emographics are more valuable than demographics.
  • Subtle changes that can dramatically improve your sales process.
  • Three things you can start doing today to begin leveraging consumer buying habits.
  • How consumer buying habits translate into B2B buying habits.
  • And much MORE.


Brian GrBrian_Graconacon helps you understand and leverage the three buying habits of today’s consumers. 

He’s researched the marketing strategies of luxury car dealers, coffee shops, restaurants, spas and entertainment businesses during the last recession and come to the conclusion that you don’t have to have a multi-million dollar marketing research budget to sell as if you do!

He’s now distilled that wisdom in a book called Meconomics® 101 in which he describes key strategies and tactics you can use to refocus and integrate your marketing, selling and staffing processes to achieve more success.

Meconomics® 101 however is not Brian’s first rodeo. He has authored over 75 training programs in his 20 years of Training Strategy and Instructional Design and as president of Brian Gracon & Associates Inc.

Brian’s training programs have been internationally recognized for results and creativity, including a 2015 Brandon Hall Bronze Excellence in Learning award.


Contact Brian, learn more about his award winning training and connect with him on LinkedIn, and Facebook


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