fake newsFake news and other negative online information can cause digital damage and tarnish your reputation in a heartbeat.

How do you stop it from destroying you and your business? Today’s guest says you have a choice. He’s John P. David, author of How to Protect (Or Destroy) Your Online Reputation.


  • 3 ways to remove negative third party information about you from the Internet.How to Protect (or Destroy) Your Reputation Online
  • How to minimize negative reviews and other fake news about you on review sites.
  • The role of engagement in battling fake news.
  • The key to every successful online reputation.
  • The best way to manage your online reputation.
  • Why staying off the grid doesn’t protect you from fake news.
  • How frequently you need to monitor your online reputation.
  • And MUCH more.


John P. David

John P. David is a master at helping people identify their personal and professional online vulnerabilities and showing them how to remove negative content as well as avoid and mitigate digital damage through preventative and prescriptive strategies and tactics.

After all, you’ve seen the headlines, the ugly tweets, the rants people leave on Facebook, on complaint sites, and on hate blogs. It seems we have more electronic ways of being uncivil than ever before and the problem with it is not only the low level of discourse, but the lasting digital footprint it leaves behind.

It’s happening on a daily basis and if you’re not keeping an eye on it, the Internet can easily become the judge, jury, and executioner of anyone’s reputation, including yours.

What all that means for you is that reputation management is an incredibly timely and timeless topic in today’s digital world.

John P. David is president of David PR Group and a partner with online reputation management company WebFactCheck.com. He specializes in strategic communications programs and represents both businesses and individuals with online issues.

Besides his book How to Protect (Or Destroy) Your Online Reputation, his articles on online reputation management are regularly published in the Huffington Post and PR Daily.


Contact John and connect with him on Twitter.


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