Toxic Workplace


Have you ever worked in a toxic workplace? Someplace where the people or maybe just one person makes you feel tense? When you hear their voice do you feel you jaw start to tighten or brace yourself for what’s coming next. Or maybe duck into the rest room just to get away? How ‘bout on weekends, do you start feeling stressed on Sunday as you think about the work week ahead? If you answered yes to any of these questions, listen now to CEO Whisperer, Jim Jeffers, who has dealt with some of the toughest toxic workplaces and will share with us how to fix it

What You’ll Discover About a Toxic Workplace:

  • What factors create a toxic workplace.
  • What is the difference between a difficult employee and a toxic one.
  • How do you know an employee is toxic.
  • What to do if the toxic employee is a co-worker.
  • The biggest mistake managers make in dealing with a toxic workplace
  • How to keep your workplace toxic free.
  • And much more.

Guest: Jim Jeffers

Jim Jeffers is a contemporary Human Resources Conciallary and CEO Whisperer.

He is the Principal Consultant at HRrenewal™ and brings 40 years of diverse human resources experience to the table with unique perspectives and a great sense of humor.

He has supported executive teams in retail, education, advertising, banking, automotive, consumer goods, financial, tax services and non-profits.

Jim’s focus is to build, grow and yes, protect breathable cultures from becoming toxic ones.  From keeping enemies at the gate with exceptional hiring prowess to being candid and direct with CEO’s he is all about people being able to work at a great place for all the right reasons.

Finally, it is his belief that it is cultures that can release the elusive discretionary effort of our employees far more than any other factor within our organizational control.  It is cultures that attract; cultures that adhere and cultures that repel our most valued employees.

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