Essential Public speaking tips

Does the thought of public speaking make your heart start pounding and palms get sweaty. Even if you’re not addressing a big crowd at a convention or a business conference, when you’ve got a lot riding on the outcome of a presentation– like an important sales meeting, a meeting with your boss, your board of directors, or pitching to a group of investors; it’s easy to get tongue tied.

So how do keep your nerves from getting the better of you? Join host Hanna Hasl-Kelchner as she welcomes public speaking and communications expert Stephanie Scotti.


  • The top 3 challenges business leaders have when preparing for and delivering a powerful presentation.
  • Two simple ways to connect with the audience and be yourself when public speaking.
  • The 4 reasons its important to ask questions before you walk in the room to present.
  • What to do if your audience starts nodding out.
  • What to do with your hands when public speaking. 
  • And more.


Stephanie Scotti

Stephanie Scotti is one of only a handful of contemporary speech coaches who has dedicated her entire career to preparing speakers for high-stakes events and the founder of Professionally Speaking.

Her long and rich professional history began the moment she accepted her college degree when she launched her career as a Public Information Officer for what was the largest federal speaker’s bureau in the nation. That meant that at the age of twenty-two, she was already working with key policy makers in the federal government, including the President’s Cabinet, preparing them to speak on energy policy.

Since those early years, Stephanie has coached thousands of high-level decision makers in diverse and recognized regional, national and global companies.

She’s is a driven individual whose sense of accomplishment is graciously measured by the success of those she has mentored.

Her unique talent enables clients to consistently outperform the competition, gain recognition, win new business, shape policy, and influence decision-makers.

Stephanie’s expertise in public speaking and communications has also been featured in many national publications over the years; most recently as a regular contributor to the online publications Smartblogs for Smartbriefs, Ragan, and Huffington Post. Stephanie also publishes her own proprietary training materials and has been named 2016 winner of The Enterprising Women of the Year Award.


Contact Stephanie and connect with her on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+.


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